About VCS

VCS Consulting LLC started back in the early days of personal computers.  We began by helping people with Atari, Apple, Commodore, TRS-80, Tandy and other computers.

When networking really began to take off, we were on the forefront.  Beginning with Banyan Vines and LanTastic, we moved into the larger networking protocols.  We utilized Netware on Token Ring networks as well as Netware on Ethernet networks. Currently, our focus is on Microsoft Active Directory networks over TCP/IP (the defacto standard in the industry).

In the 30+ years we have been working with our customers, our focus has always been on what is best for the customer.  High-pressure sales or recommendations that may not be in the best interest of the customer are never done by VCS.  We pride ourselves in offering the right technology at the right price and the right time for our customers.

VCS is based in Faribault, Minnesota, a small community just south of Minneapolis/St. Paul.  But our areas of service are wherever our customers need us.  Many of our interactions take place using remote technology and virtual meeting spaces.

Our goal is to make your business make the best use of technology, thereby increasing productivity and profits.