Contact Center Management

You want your current customers and especially potential customers to be able to call in to your company.  So you set up a Toll Free number and publish it on your website.  What happens when that call comes in to your company can make or break your interaction with the caller.

Many decisions need to be made when deciding how to handle calls.  Do you want the call answered by a person each and every time a call comes in?  Do you play a message to the caller prior to a person coming on the line?  Do you present options to the customer they have to choose from to find a person?  Is using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) an option?  How are your competitors handling the calls coming in to their business?

Getting your caller to the right spot to get the information they are looking for is a must.  You have to think very carefully about the caller experience.

Once you get your contact center operating, you need to be able to track metrics on how your contact center is working.  How quickly are you answering calls?  How many of your callers are hanging up?  How many of the calls are being handled in the first interaction with the caller?

We can help you with these decisions.  We have over 10 years experience with contact centers and call flow design.  Getting your contact center set up and operating efficiently is our focus.  We can help you choose the right technology and get it operating in optimum fashion.  Let us help you build a positive customer experience!