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  • Virtualization


    VIrtualization has the capacity to save your organization bottom-line dollars. Cut your datacenter hosting costs by reducing the overall footprint of your hardware. Find out how virtualization can benefit your organization.
  • Sell to the world

    Sell to the world

    Open your business to the world with eCommerce. You have the ability to expand your reach to every corner of the world. We can help you see the potential in expanding your client base.
  • Datacenter Consolidation/Relocation

    Datacenter Consolidation/Relocation

    Moving a datacenter can be a daunting task. There are a myriad of caveats that must be taken into consideration. We have years of experience in moving and consolidating datacenters. Let us help you make your move successful.
  • Information Security

    Information Security

    Securing your data from internal and external exploits is becoming increasingly more difficult. Add to that the regulatory environment and the requirements of your customers, and your task becomes even tougher. We can help you take control of your data security.
  • Contact Center Management

    Contact Center Management

    Building and/or maintaining a contact center is challenging. There are so many different technological solutions available. Figuring staffing requirements and sizing the contact center can be difficult. We can help you build your contact center, or get the most from your existing center.

Changes in IT

I’ve been reading lately about IT’s metamorphosis from a group that dictates how technology is delivered to employees and consumers driving the technology trends. This can be seen in the technology carried daily by consumers.  iPhone, Android, tablets and other devices have literally changed the way consumers utilize technology.  It isn’tRead More …

eCommerce in 2013

Buying on the internet has been around since the middle 90’s.  Back then, there were just a few vendors offering items, and security was not real good. Today, there are literally thousands of vendors on the internet selling a multitude of products.  But, times are changing.  We’ve had many breachesRead More …

Interesting Report from Akamai

Akamai released their 3rd quarter “State of the Internet” report.  Some very interesting information regarding broadband usage around the world as well as broadband speeds.  The United States rates #9 in the world in regards to speed.  Kind of surprising.   Check out the report here:

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Cisco CME/UCCX Issue

Working for one our customers today, we found an incompatibility between Communications Manager Express and Unified Contact Center Express.  Namely, if you use the new CME 8.6 (found in IOS 15.1(4)) along with UCCX 8.5, there is a break in the SIP stack that will cause calls to not beRead More …

Beginning a Blog

Welcome to the VCS Blog. Each week, we will bring up topics related to technology and how it works in business.  We hope you enjoy our posts. Thanks for visiting! Todd Voge Owner – VCS Consulting LLC

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