VCS Consulting’s Todd Voge Earns CDRP Designation

Adding to the skills VCS Consulting can provide, we are please to announce that Todd Voge has become a Certified Data Recovery Professional (CDRP).  This certification is issued by the Information Assurance Certification Review Board (IACRB).  To achieve this certification, a timed test based on a number of topics was required.  The topics that were tested on included:

  • Logical Recovery of disabled hard drives
  • Using file format recognition tools
  • Logical recovery via avoiding BIOS interrupts
  • Motions that unlock the actuator of a drive
  • Diagnosing the physical recovery of drives
  • Comparing pre-recorded sound samples to live drives
  • Logic board replacements
  • Single and Multi-Platter Swaps
  • Head Assembly replacement
  • P-List and G-List recovery
  • Addressing SMART values
  • Dealing with damaged sectors
  • Reverse scanning
  • Capturing SID protected folders
  • Resolving kernel or driver issues with a Linux bootable disk
  • Head Stack replacement
  • Working with the Service Area (SA) of a drive
  • Reviewing data structures with a Hex Editor
  • Diagnosing “clicking noises”
  • Mac OS X Data Recovery
  • Linux Data Recovery
  • RAID 0 Recovery & RAID 5 Recovery
  • Vista and Recovery of Shadow Copies
  • Clearing passwords on a password protected drive
  • Solid state drive recovery
  • Firmware issues

The training and work necessary in getting this certification will be an asset to our clients.  If you have data you must get off of a drive that has failed, we can help to make that happen.

Contact us if you have need of this very specialized service.